Peter Siaggas’ involvement with the film industry began early on. A member of the Screen Actor’s Guild since the age of 12, Siaggas was an international Coca-Cola kid, featured on every Coke vending machine around the world. He appeared in over 75 commercials, TV shows and movies and was the principal lead in the longest running McDonalds commercial to date. Born in Milwaukee and raised in Reno, Siaggas became a scratch golfer at age 16. He competed in both national and international golf and turned down several golf scholarships to pursue film production. His love for the industry propelled him into a film production major. He served as vice president at Fini Non-Linear Post Production for several years, began directing full-time in 2000, and started his own production company, Spots Films, in 2005. And in 2016, he co-founded Picture It Productions, a film TV development company who has a 1st Look Deal with CBS Studios. Siaggas currently resides in Atlanta, GA.